Investment Management

We will make sure your investment strategies will always align with your financial goals.

Wealth doesn’t just happen.

It is grown with hard work, determination and persistence. Preparing for your future can be a complicated and overwhelming task, and avoiding complexity could be avoiding financial security. As economic conditions change, so will your financial outlook, and discovering the right strategy to grow wealth is different for everyone.


Unlike most investment firms, we take a different view of what is an appropriate level of risk. Traditional firms will base their investment recommendations entirely upon your “risk tolerance”, maximizing the amount of risk that you take in your portfolio in an attempt to generate greater returns.


Investment risk can’t be avoided. However, our approach is to take only the necessary risk to achieve your goals. Ask yourself this question; “If it is possible to achieve your goals while taking minimal risk, why jeopardize reaching those goals by taking on greater risk (pain), just because you completed a questionnaire indicating you could tolerate the additional risk?”

Develop a Plan

At BCJ, we believe that investment allocations should come from a combination of understanding the historic returns of asset classes together with how these asset classes will perform in the future based on current relevant data. We don’t have a crystal ball, but we know whether we are on an investment version of a curvy mountain road or on a long straightway, and that we have to adjust to the conditions of the road. We can and do make changes to our asset allocations based upon the road ahead, not the road we just drove over.


In order to find a plan that fits your goals, we will work with you every step of the way to find a strategic investment approach tailored to who you are and what your financial goals may be. With a well-developed and regularly maintained plan, you can save for all the important moments in your life.

The BCJ Investment Committee

Our Investment Committee has developed investment strategies that will give you the ability to invest based on your time frame, your goals and your risk tolerance. With these strategies and access to numerous funds, we will construct diversified strategic portfolios as a baseline, and then tactically recommend adjustments in the portfolio concentrations as market conditions or your goals dictate. We will be there with you through every turn.

Life is a journey. Let's plan for it.