20 miles a day & 489,000 feet to climb
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20 miles a day & 489,000 feet to climb

This is your journey.

Over 4,000 hikers have completed the Pacific Crest Trail between Mexico and Canada. For those on this great journey, the motivation of completing the 2,650 mile trail is what drives them to walk an average of 20 miles every day, manage difficult challenges including low water supply or injury, and withstand over 489,000 feet of elevation gain over the course of the trail.


Between difficult climbs, scary descents, strong winds, snow-covered trails, and challenging white-water river crossings, these PCT hikers have planned for months in advance – spending the time, energy and effort necessary to prepare themselves for these unexpected challenges. They understand the road will be long and the journey may be difficult, but that’s okay – because they’re planning for it.

Much like that of the PCT, the path of your financial future involves climbs, descents, unforeseen changes, and unexpected challenges. It is a journey that is alive and changing everyday. Creating a plan to conquer these challenges is essential, and understanding what is driving you to your destination will help shape the path you are on. No matter where you start, navigating the unknown is the most critical part of any journey, and this is where BCJ can help.


Our independent advisors are fiduciaries, and never driven by sales. They are driven by you, your ambitions and your values. They are driven to provide knowledge and advice that is best for your journey.


Regardless of whether you are just creating your path, or you are adjusting the path you have been on for many years, our advisors strive to discover what pushes you to succeed, understand the way you want to live, and learn about the values you live by.

How does BCJ support your unique path?

BCJ was founded on five core values: integritytransparencyconfidencefocus and independence.


Our firm was built on the idea that our independent advisors should have just that – independence. We provide our advisors the freedom to plan your financial path – giving you control over your financial future.

What makes BCJ different?

BCJ is designed as a network through which our advisors are able to collaborate, exchanging information and knowledge to best serve their clients.


Although our advisors work independently, they actively participate in our firm-wide mission and culture of integrity, independence and trust. In addition, they have access to BCJ resources including the BCJ Investment Committee, our business support team, and our comprehensive technology.


The structure we have implemented allows our advisors to run their businesses efficiently, creating an engaging and pleasant experience for you.

Our Mission

We endeavor to provide clients with the knowledge and support necessary to have complete confidence in their financial journey. To accomplish this mission, we strive to build relationships through a culture of integrity, independence, and trust. These values not only allow us to focus on each client’s unique situation, but they allow us the freedom to offer solutions that are transparent, custom, and boundless – empowering our clients to make confident choices for their future.

Life is a journey. Let's plan for it.